Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kelly HQ

Hurrah to Josie and the Writing Workshop! As always, the link can be found here:

I have chosen prompt 3 "What have the voices in your head been saying lately?". However, i haven't exactly stuck to the prompt...

The voice in my head isn't a voice - it is a person. It is a Mini-Me. She has a huge room where she sits all day in a big comfy high backed leather chair, pressing buttons as and when necessary on her over sized control panel, peering out the large windows that are my eyes to see what is going on. She leads a quiet life, pouring over books that i only assume are written accounts of my memories as she seems to keep them in big, over stuffed cabinets at the back of her room. Perhaps that's why my memory is so bad - she needs to do some spring cleaning!

I am quite a simple individual. My Mini-Me only needs a few buttons to press to keep me going and in check - namely "Chocolate", "Hugs," "Tea" and a fairly recent addition, "Ben". Once these emergency buttons have been pressed there is a constant alarm that rings in my head and until these needs have been fulfilled, the alarm resonates throughout my head and i cannot function properly.

Whenever my Mini-Me has an opinion on something, she will lean over to her desk and press the intercom. Recent things my Mini-Me has said:

"Get out of bed you lazy cow!"
"I can't believe you did that!"
"Hahaha you're a moron."
"They're just going to laugh at you."
"Can you not hear the Chocolate alarm!?"
"Do you think the Queen ever gets out of bed and thinks, 'I just cant be arsed today?'"
"Don't forget to call the council!"
"Oooo shiny!"

On the whole, my Mini-Me tends to keep out of my way. She is there for emergencys only, though she does share her opinions quite frequently on various subjects. I think its because she gets bored. Sometimes, she likes to sing, though she doesn't know many words... variations of "la la la la" can be quite tedious!

Oh, she's pressing the "Tea" button... better go sort that out!

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  1. I LOVE this post Kelly! Such a lovely insight in to your mind and your personality. I especially like the emergency buttons! xx