Thursday, March 18, 2010

No More Excuses!

It has been a few weeks since i wrote anything. Simple reason being i am hiding.

I am hiding from myself.

I have always been afraid that i will be a failure as a writer, and this fear stems from the fact that a writer is all i have ever wanted to be. From an early age i always enjoyed reading, and when i started high school this developed further into a love of writing, bringing my own creations to life on the page in a world so much brighter than our own. But as i have grown, i have been plagued with insecurity, with fear, with frustration. All at myself.

And for fear of copying what Josie over at Sleep is for the Week wrote recently, it is insecurity that my writing just isn't good enough, not interesting enough, not eloquent enough...

I'm afraid that i am a typical woman - i want things and i want them now! I am intelligent enough to know that what i want to achieve with my writing will take a lot of hard work and a lot of time, but at heart i am a dreamer, and live in a dreamers world. And its got to stop!

For fear of being a failure as a writer i have stopped myself from writing, thus in itself making me a failure.

Why should i care if people don't like what i write? I'm never going to please everyone and it is unrealistic of me to think i will.
Why should i assume people don't like what i write if they don't comment? Maybe they're just busy!
Why should i worry if people don't like what i write if it has been therapeutic for me? It is my blog after all.

No more excuses.

The writing starts here!

This was written for Josie's writing workshop #17 over at Sleep is for the Weak and i chose prompt 3 - "What excuses are you hiding behind at the moment?"


  1. I saw your post title on Sleep is for the Weak & thought I had a doppelganger! LOL - it IS a good strapline isn't it? ;-)

  2. You have started so that's the first step. Well done. As a writer and a blogger I know where you are coming from. On a professional note polarity coaching may be a helpful model for you it is where you explore the two extremes in this case failure and success. As a coach would happily offer you a free consultation or suggest someone else who works in this area. Kate

  3. Good on you, please don't worry about failure, you are eloquent, you have a great voice and I'm looking forward to reading more