Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ummming and Arrring

I'm not doing so well at the moment. Life has gotten to me. So, to try and give me a distraction, an online friend has given me an idea!

In short, he suggested that i set up another blog, seperate from this one, and write there. More specifically, i should write about a certain character, and be consistent with their story. Kind of like an online novel i suppose.

It all came about because i was moaning that i didnt feel very creative, and those people that read my blog only see me moan about how im currently feeling. He advised by having the two different blogs, i can be creative on one yet still be able to express myself freely on the other.

So i decided what the hell! I'll do it!

But now i can't decide which character to write about. The novel that i mentioned i had started writing when i was sixteen is sitting wide open in front of me and there are so many delicious characters i could choose from! In the planning stage of my novel, i had planned to write three of four books, all centering about a different character... But which should i do first!?

Tough decisions!

As the main story was about Pheonix, i'm going to ignore him for now. He already has his story planned, and it wouldn't fit what i'm trying to do here.

I'm thinking about writing about my hapless mage, i think he could be quite comical, to write about his spells going wrong and all the disasters he causes because of it.

Or Jenta, the queen who isn't a queen - (all explained in the first novel - dont worry it makes sense to me!)

Or Luanda, my wholesome priest. Hmmm, perhaps a little boring as a solo character for this idea.

Or Tulani, the last of his race, his heritage extending all the way back as far as documented, a fountain of knowledge of the world and psychic extrodinaire.


Perhaps a new character? Haha =/


  1. Are you a member of Judiths room? http://www.judithsroom.com/

    It is a writers forum set up by @porridgebrain where you can blog or just submit creative entries. You might want to use that forum. It's a great idea btw :)

  2. Aye i'm already signed up - i think i was member number 1 right at the beginning, 2 hehe =)

  3. Looking forward to reading your new blod about one of these lovely characters! Keep the inspiring blog posts coming!

    Hope your having a lovely weekend -


  4. Definitely have a look at Judith's Room - its a great place to work through this stuff and with lots of lovely people going through the same stuff