Thursday, November 26, 2009

Home Alone

I hate public transport. It is just so unreliable. I spent 45 minutes this morning standing in the freezing cold because of buses leaving early. I have to catch 2 buses to work and if one leaves early, I can usually just about make it into town to catch the second one if I run. (Thank God the station is downhill!) But if that one leaves early… meh. Needless to say, today, one is not amused.

I am off to the doctors this afternoon. I have had a cough for quite a while now and both mum and Ben have been on to me to get it checked out. So I am. I only seem to cough last thing at night and first thing in the morning but it is really annoying! It’s a dry cough, but it sounds chesty. Mum thinks I may be allergic to the dog, my friend online thinks it sounds like asthma, and I just thought it was an annoying cough that would never go away haha. Might mention a few other things to the doctor… though to be honest I’m sick of seeing him in recent months and im guessing the feeling is mutual.

My mum has jetted off to Lanzarote for the week so I am left at home to look after the dog… and fend for myself. Last time I cooked for myself I gave myself food poisoning, so I’m a little apprehensive! The length of my culinary skills stretches to beans on toast. I am a huge lover of the microwave! But you know, im 26, I really should learn to cook properly. How I managed to survive 18 months living in Holland I’ll never know! Maybe I dreamt the whole thing? Perhaps I was in a coma or something and didn’t know? Hmm… something I shall discuss with Drew!

I’m feeling a little brave though. I may actually cook something properly today. I think perhaps a nice chicken breast (though it will have to be fried as our oven doesn’t work) with some mushrooms and erm.. mashed potatoes perhaps. I think I could probably manage that without too much risk of setting the house on fire. Don’t think mum would be very appreciative of that…

“Kelly, I’m home!! … um, where is the house!?”

Might solve my current housing issues though! Ooo planage! :O

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