Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random introductory facts

Hi there! My name is Kelly, though i get called many things as people seem to struggle with this name. The sandwich lady who visits my work premises at lunch time has been calling me Hayley for the last 18 months =/

I have a tendency to over use lol, haha and hehe, as well as ^^ :O and =)

I have a strange obsession with Spongebob Squarepants and get quite annoyed when my boyfriend doesnt wake me up on a Sunday morning to watch it! I even bought myself a mug and coaster set with Spongebob on, but i dont have the heart to use them in case i ruin them haha... which is rather silly really being as though they only set me back £1.99 =/

I can stick my big toe up at a 90 degree angle, which both my brother and boyfriend find really annoying, and somewhat freaky. but hey, everyone needs a party trick right?

I feel things very deeply. I hurt deeply, i love deeply. I'm a very emotional person, i guess you could say i'm too emotional sometimes, but hey ho, thats just who i am.

I like to write. Obviously, thats why i'm here. Doesn't mean i'm very good at it, or that i write as often as i should lol. Maybe with a little motivation (or a chocolate bar dangling off a stick in front of me to keep me at the computer), i may actually write something with a bit of, i don't know, umph? Something with meat, something... interesting.

I have a tendancy to ramble... so before i do, i'm going to go make myself a cup of tea, grab the last of the custard creams out the cupboad, and sit down for half hour before tucking in for an early night.

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